Shiraz Pawaskar
11+ Years of Corporate Experience in Customer Service (Assurance/Delivery),
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Business Strategy/Operations Management.

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The Achievements mentioned here are not a part of any Corporate Companies where I was directly employed due to Privacy and Confidential information of the Company and the Clients. My achievements are all at my Personal Growth of Research. My strength lies in the power of Research. I read a lot of Articles and think over it a lot in order to strategize and chalk out a plan.


Business Proposal Strategy for Revenue Generation in Billions:

In March 2019, I decided to work on another Business Plan and approached the Dubai Government. I do have an international work experience at a Government level for a Middle East city (Dubai) for a revenue generation strategy in billions. In addition, my Business Plan is also shortlisted in His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Parliament (Status - Under Review).

I'd presented my Business Plan in July 2019 at their Government office (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing) in Dubai.

2019 | 2018

Correct Predictions for ICC Cricket World Cup England & Wales 2019:

Uploaded Video on November 26, 2018 on YouTube.

Since October 2018, I was very excited about the Cricket World Cup. I have been like following all the World Cups since 1999 which was my first World Cup and South Africa being my favourite Team since 1999, always supported South Africa.

Without even knowing the squad, I've always been keeping a track about all the ODI, T20 and Test matches played, like for instance, I was interested for Ireland vs Bangladesh series as well. My confidence grew when I saw Pakistan vs England in May 2019.

Out of 44 matches, 37 were predicted right including two semi finals and one final. It was very difficult to predict who could be in the Semi Finals after a 45 match round robin between ten countries.

July 09/10, 2019 - Semi Final - New Zealand vs India | Winner: New Zealand
July 11, 2019 - Semi Final - XYZ vs England |
Winner: England

July 14, 2019 - Final - New Zealand vs England |
Winner: England


Business Plan Strategy for 2020 Global Recession:

Uploaded Video on August 26, 2019 on YouTube & My LinkedIn Communication Messages since September 2018 with Managing Directors, CEO and other Leaders from different Investment Banking / Financial / Big 4 Companies.

Since September 2018, I was working for a 2020 Global Recession Strategy Project for my Domain "Equity Confidence". I created a Business Plan and approached many Finance Companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Blackstone, Chase, Citi, Standard Chartered, HSBC and others.

In the same month, I also researched about my domain name "Equity Confidence" which was registered for my Company. Through various domain name appraisal tools and SEO, it was valued between $25,000 USD onwards. I got an offer from someone through LinkedIn who is a well known Domain Broker (who has been associated with domain names sales in millions of dollars). I decided to work on Business plans instead of going into Domain Name Business.

In the same month, China Knowledge liked my tweet on Twitter (social media) sent to Ant Financial, a $150 billion Company.

I got Acknowledgment e-mails from:

CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), a $50 billion Company in October 2018.

Citi, a $185 billion Company shared my business proposal to their Business Team in January 2019.

In December 2018, I was approached by Thomson Reuters official. But Thomson Reuters was going under restructuring process, they sold off their Finance & Risk (F&R) business to Blackstone, Refinitiv was formed for which my business plan was kept on hold in March 2019.

Just to add up further, Refinitiv was acquired by London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Hong Kong Exchange expressed interest to acquire LSE. Billion Dollar Game!

I'd predicted Oil Price to go below $20 in 2020, but it went down to almost $10. Another prediction turned out correct. I'd predicted Stock Markets Crash as well.


Correct Predictions for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018:

Tweeted on June 30, 2018 at 21:41 (India Standard Time).

A big fan of FIFA World cup and watching since 2006.

June 30, 2018 - Round of 16 (1st Match) - France vs Argentina Winner: France

June 30, 2018 - Round of 16 (2nd Match) - Uruguay vs Portugal Winner: Uruguay

July 01, 2018 - Round of 16 (3rd Match) - Spain vs Russia | Winner: Spain

July 01, 2018 - Round of 16 (4th Match) - Croatia vs Denmark | Winner: Croatia

July 02, 2018 - Round of 16 (6th Match) - Belgium vs Japan | Winner: Belgium

July 03, 2018 - Round of 16 (7th Match) - Sweden vs Switzerland | Winner: Sweden

July 03, 2018 - Round of 16 (8th Match) - Colombia vs England | Winner: England

July 06, 2018 - Quarter Final - Uruguay vs France | Winner: France

July 06, 2018 - Quarter Final - Brazil vs Belgium Winner: Belgium

July 07, 2018 - Quarter Final - Sweden vs England | Winner: England

July 10, 2018 - Semi Final - France vs Belgium | Winner: France

July 15, 2018 - Final - France vs Croatia | Winner: France


World War III Predictions:

In mid 2015, I'd written an Article on World War III. I'd predicted few instances, be it military tensions, crisis or conflicts or major wars very correctly. I decided to pull it off, the only reason being not involved in Political Aspects or getting detained in any country which I am visiting or I will visit. Unnecessary tensions was the least thing on my mind.

The reason for me to write on this because I was very interested in World Politics, the main reason being Oil Price and Equity Markets. I'd to delete my Article from my Website.

Two of them which I predicted correctly. Rest, hidden due to unknown reasons.

1. Persian Gulf Crisis (2019).

2. India China Conflict (predicted for 2020).

3. South China Sea Conflict (predicted an escalation for 2016).

2015 | 2003

Script Shortlisted in Dharma Productions:

After Interstellar released in 2014, I could actually feel that confidence about my work which I'd written many years back. Wrote one movie script in 2003 when I was hardly 16 years old titled "Teri Meri Kahaani". In March 2015, I had sent the Script to Dharma Productions and it was shortlisted. A legal Agreement was to be signed as well and I did signed the contract. Everything was in place until the script was required to be registered.

I went to Film Writer's Association, Andheri (Mumbai) and since, I had no official certificate in Writing of 2 to 3 years minimum as required eligibility, there was no registration of the script because of which the Legal Agreement could go null and void. There was no option but to finally, release the script online for free. The Script was published on my website on March 05, 2015.

In September 2018, due to prevent my script of getting stolen or copied, I uploaded it on Amazon Kindle and got a Copyright automatically done.

2014 | 2001

Concept Similarities to my Unfinished / Unreleased Work:

I started to write since the year 2000 when I was in my 8th Grade (14 years old). At the same time, I wanted to write a book. It was on Astronomy, based on the concepts of Time, Time Shift, Time Machine, Multiple Copies of Life and Gravity. I'd everything set and in place, which was in my mind.

I started to write, designed the model, tried working on it but eventually, I was so engrossed in my School Life be it Education or Examinations, that I couldn't get time.

I left before I could start. On November 09, 2014 I saw the movie in the Cinemas and my mind was constantly taking me back to the year 2001. It was as if I was living the year 2001.

Jonathon Nolan was working on this since 2007. Christopher Nolan came in 2012. In 2001, there was no way that my work which I actually never started could reach to them.

After watching the movie, I couldn't believe my eyes, couldn't believe myself that I could be in the League of the Nolan brothers to actually think like them. It was like a Dream come true.